1) To analyse pre- and eruptive monitoring patterns and eruption characteristics of a series of eruptions of European volcanoes and similar ones from other regions.

   2) To apply retrospective short term analysis to all cases selected, identifying and characterising common trends of behaviour in different eruptions (and failed eruptions) of the same volcanoes and among volcanoes of similar characteristics

   3) To determine time scale and eruption scenarios relationships among the different cases studied

   4) To define coordination actions and protocols to implement the volcano EWS at European level and to facilitate communication and dissemination of alerts

   5) To identify regional and national capabilities to respond to the early warnings.

Expected outcomes

* A communication operator to inform CPs in a standardised way on any new alert, current unrest situation, eruption forecast and probable eruption scenarios, and evolution of the potential hazards (e.g: ash eruption cloud), 

* A probabilistic time evolution forecast of unrest and its possible outcomes,  

* A visualisation system to represent probable eruption scenarios and the extend of possible derived hazards.